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Successful Market Entry Strategies

The market entry strategy is always the most difficult part of any business plan. How to sell? Whom to sell to? And at what price? Using our sales and marketing expertise, All In Consulting will help jumpstart your sales cycle. Our specialties include:

  • Customer Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Local Representation Strategies
  • Translation
  • Licensing Partners
  • Face-to-Face Meetings at Executive Levels
  • Advertising/Marketing Recommendations
  • State & Provincial Government Contacts
  • Distributor Qualification & Management

Asian Businesswoman

Our Process

We provide a three-step process for analyzing your market entry strategy -- analyzing the task, proposing a solution, and implementing the action items. We have the on-ground staff, knowledge, and experience needed to take action on our proposals. We don't just write proposals and presentations; we deliver results to you.

What You May Be Lacking

  • Contacts (Local Distributors & Customers)
  • Experience (Dealing with Local Culture)
  • Market Data (Competitor Pricing)
  • Language (English is Not Always Spoken)
  • Local Business Skills (Expected Business Behavior)
  • Localized Material (Must Have Translated Documents)
  • Partner Search (Finding & Assessing Your Partners' Trustworthiness)

We Can Fill the Gaps

  • Make Direct Sales Contact with Potential Customers & Partners
  • Modify Selling Strategy to Meet Local Needs
  • Develop Full-Scale Advertising/Marketing Plans
  • Provide Basic Understandings of What Countries to Sell in, How to Sell, and Who to Sell To
  • Reduce Initial Cost of Entry with Low-Cost Strategic Plan
  • Serve as a Bridge Between Short & Long-Term Goals
  • Assess Your Partners' Abilities and Dependability

A History of Success

We have developed market entry strategies for the following companies:

  • Marley Cooling Towers (China, Korea, Japan, & Australia)
  • Graphon Corporation (China & Asia Pacific)
  • SoftBank Corporation (China)
  • Philips Electronics (China & Taiwan)
    National Technical Systems (China & Taiwan)
  • Emerson Electric (China)
  • Over 50 Small & Medium-Sized Companies (Throughout Asia and the Pacific)